When The Sun Became Too Bright

It was a pretty sunny day. We were having lunch with my parents. It was Sunday and my father was with me for the lunch that day. Mother made my favorite. My father promised that he would take me and my brother to a movie that day.

We were sitting at the table, eating our lunch. You know, my mother is the best cook I have ever tasted in my life. And she is the most caring one of course. And my father too. But sometimes my father is pretty strict in the way the things are, but he loves me no less than my mother. My brother on another hand, he is just 6. He just joined the school. He cries every day when he goes to school. He plays up drama that he is not well every day and cries up to the very last minute he enters the school. My mother is equally as a child as he was. She stays up at school gate 10 minutes after he entered the school and comes back 30 minutes early to pick him back from the school before the school ends.

My father, mother and my brother. They were the life to me. But on that day we were having our lunch, the sun was way brighter than it was, I don’t know but it was too bright that it blinded my eyes. Then came a huge sound, I don’t know what it was. The sirens went out and all of the sudden, our house collapsed. I woke up at the hospital 3 days later. The nurse wouldn’t tell me where my father or my mother or my brother were. I missed them a lot. It was only yesterday that I heard one of the nurses speak to another that all of them passed away when the house collapsed.

It was a bomb that our neighboring country that we marked on the map at school that day that dropped the bomb on us. My life was never usual the days later. Every night I think of how my mother would sing songs to make us sleep and how my brother would cry if my mother stops singing. How my father would scold me if I score fewer marks on the exam and how my mother would calm my father down. I would cry a lot if my father scolds me. And my mother would take me out to walk, talk a lot and buy me chocolates on a store near my house. My brother would be so jealous at that time. It’s all lost now.

Its story of one person’s life if war turns up between two countries. Differences apart, stop wars.

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