The World On Rails

Love is something that is unique. An external force some may say. It causes us to do some pretty weird things. Things that may seem like a stupidity to others, but your heart feels it’s perfectly fine to do so. No one knows when it would happen to one. It happened to him on the train. Him ? Yes, our stories hero. Deepak.

He met her on the iron wheels. Her hair flying in the air as she smiles.A Thousand flowers blossoming around him as butterflies fly from them.There she was, on her way to college. It’s not his usual time on the train though. But then it began as his regular.

Each and every day, changes from red to green to blue to pink, he was there witnessing all the changes. He was there regardless of sun or rain. His heart weighted like if it was a ton, the day he doesn’t see her.

It continued and a day, she glanced back at him. It was the happiest moment of his life. Happiness a mother has when she gave birth to her child. He didn’t know if he should smile at her or not. He gave out a weird look that did freak her out.

But from that day on wards, she began noticing him. As she changed from blue to pink, she noted him every day. She liked him though. His childishness. The way he took care of her even though she was standing a mile away from him. A stranger passing by ? She didn’t fear. Because she knew that Deepak was there to protect her of course ! A strange trust on a stranger of course. But that’s how love blossoms.

Each and every day the hundreds of trains travel across India, carrying thousands of passengers. Each having a story like Deepak’s of course.

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