When you follow your passion

There will be times when your intuition would tell you to go down a particular path. The path towards our passion. Many don’t. But there are some who have the guts to follow their passion and eventually lead to success. It’s a story of just that kind of person. Padmavathy Divakaran.

Born in an Indian family, was once asked to follow the path that is traditionally taken by most Indians. Engineering or Medical Studies. But she chose a path that few would dare to do from a middle-class family, she chose to become a musician. Against all odds, she went into Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory affiliated with Middlesex University, London and completed her ‘Diploma in Music’ and ‘Major’s in Piano Performance’. She presently works in the same institute as piano and music theory faculty. Her performances include performing as a part of AR.Rahman’s Seaboard Ensemble. When I was a student at a keyboard class in Neyveli, she was a student at the same institute same age as me but had a passion towards the field and that passion took her to this heights.

Not all who have the guts to follow their passion are successful in their life. Being successful on a path that is less explored requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Sometimes, the challenges would be too much for you. But those are those time, the difference between the successful and rest of the crowd. Having confidence in the things that you do, facing the odds, overcoming the odds is something that is not for light-minded. As a famous saying goes,  “You cannot connect the dots by seeing forward. You can only connect the dots by seeing backward”. It’s fair to be afraid of failures. But those fears should not push you away from your passion.

To the second part of the story, the Western Classical Recital (Organised by Preludio and Wandering Artist). The morning was semester examinations. As usual, the composure of mind when coming out of the exam? Well, you all know it. It’s just those times, good music can completely make you forget all the things in your mind and bring about a sense of peace. Thanks to Padmavathy and Divya for giving out an exceptional performance that day.

Please do check out the attached video to listen to some good music !!


Padmavathy Divakaran’s Youtube Channel : Click Here


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