When Pravin lost his mobile : Night at ECR

A perfect dinner spoiled by a simple mistake.

Big story short. Pravin lost his mobile on the way to Onesta on the cab.(By the check out the Onesta review which I have linked at the end of the post) He can’t even remember where he last kept his mobile which he noticed that his mobile was missing at the end of dinner which is a full 2 hours after his last memory of the phone. It’s a probability that he left his mobile in the cab.

Tried calling the driver, only two people took the cab after us. So the probable suspects ? The driver of the two people who took the cab. The driver was unwilling to give out the number of the people who took the cab without police instructions. His voice seems that it was less probable that he took the mobile.

As in any phone missing case, his mobile was switched off. He turned on power saving mode , on which his Redmi kills almost all of the back ground tasks. So the last known location of the mobile could not be traced.

After returning to Chromepet we went to the station to file the FIR, it was past 9 by then. But the police man asked us to file the complaint the complaint at Semmanjeri. Well, after borrowing a bike from the friend, we went to Semmanjeri. Surprise !! After getting a lot of advise from the police man he asked us to come next day to file the complaint. Pravin was already fucked up, he lost his hope of getting his mobile back. We filed an online complaint.

Well, to cheer him up, we went to ECR. A long time wish if riding a bike in ECR at middle of the night. But never did we thought that we would ride it under such circumstances. On the road filled with police, Pravin wanted to learn driving !! What !! Learn driving ?? At ECR ? At middle of the night ? Well, he was upset so we took the turn and it was Pravin’s chance to drive the bike ! Well, little did I know that he didn’t know where the break is !! And the turn we just took leads straight to the beach !! There was a factor of luck that we survived that day.

Seeing him at the beach standing and staring at the beaches is when I felt helpless. There stood your friend who stood with you at all your hardships and you don’t know what to do when he was standing there hopeless of getting his phone back.

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  1. That bike part… haha:-)

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