Aegam : A Home Coffee Shop.

Present a little shy away from Tambaram Velachery Bypass, Aegam is a little coffee shop that is a perfect place to spend time with your friends or loved ones in silence or private.

Story short, the place is redesigned home to a coffee shop and also a place to home decor, if you like any of the stuffs in the shop to be at your home.But be warned, all the home decor items are too costly, at least it looks costly to my eyes home decorators out there visit the shop and tell me !!

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Along with all the cool interior places where you can sit and talk, it also has an outdoor place fit with all cool festival lighting stuffs. Interiors, filled with book shelf’s , couches, pillows and tables you can sit , talk or also read some books when you are enjoying your coffee out there.

There is not a lot of things to eat except if you are into coffee. The pastry variety is not too good either with simple choices it offers. But the choice is offers,tasted good.the drink and a chocolate bread which I tried seemed reasonably good to taste filled with chocolates stuffs. But it’s not something that you can’t find anywhere else. My friend Pragati has written her review of the food stuffs in Zomato,which I would link below.

But, if you want a nice place to spend in private with your friends like your home along with some snacks ? Aegam would be a good fit for you.

@arul2810’s score ? 3.5/5 for good ambience but lack of variety.

Zomato Review Link :

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