Onesta : A Pizzatic Experience

“A late start with worst ending”- A Personal Note that has nothing to do with the restaurant.

Short review of restaurant. Best Italian cuisines i have seen in Chennai. Right from Pizzas to beverages, everything seems “Italic”. Perfect combination of recipes that brings in an exact blend between Indian and Italian cuisine, with not much Indian.

There could have been a little more variety in starters in Non-Veg. Vegetarian could never be better in terms of variety. Food quality is good. “Tasty” in other words. The beverages seem fine, but cafe items-not preferable.

Lasagne and Ravioli – too much Italian and doesn’t seem to suit my taste. My personal favourite, Chicken Wrapped Skewer in starters.

Variety of desserts that is available brings in a nice ending to a fine dinner. Worth the visit if you are planning to go on Rs.600/head Non-Veg buffet option.

A fine dinner. One word.
@arul2810’s rating would be 4/5 considering the quality of food.

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  1. A day to cherish for food and a day to forget!!!

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