Time With The Pixel 2

Pixel 2, the latest flagship from google its second smartphone after a year after pixel was released. Well after spending some time with it, here’s the first impressions.

Frankly, I was not impressed by the pixel 2 after seeing the google event. disappointed by it actually. I liked the Pixel2 xl better than Pixel 2 like every one else due to its modern design aesthetics. But i have to say i am fairly impressed by using the Pixel 2 and i haven’t got my hands into Pixel 2 XL yet.

Display ?On par with devices like one plus. But not as good as the OLED ones from Samsung. but the display is good for most of the media consumption even though the display looks little dull. Dual facing speakers is a good addition for music lovers. Though i still love the boom sound speakers from HTC M8. it seems that i can find better love than M8 for music.

Performance in on-par with all the flagships. Why would it be slow ? it got the latest silicon from snapdragon inside it. Pure android experience is one of the greatest advantages of having a device from google from the period of nexus. The phone doesn’t seem to lag anywhere. And google have given some neat software touches here and there, like the battery history in the settings app.

Shot on Pixel2 Selfie Camera

One of the greatest things i love about pixel 2? it’s camera. The only reason i always prefer to buy a flagship is due to its camera. Yes, i am a photo freak and i take a lot of photographs and i want that photograph to be the best regardless of the conditions. And yea.. Pixel seems to fulfil that. Its software implementation of portrait mode is a breeze. It’s considerably better than the iPhone 8 in some scenarios on which i used the mobile. As my friend Akilan has mentioned, Google seems to have taken a more simple and easier approach towards portrait mode and hey, it works better.

Finally its nice to have a IP water-resistant rating on the smart phone. I can take selfies in the rain now. Not worrying about the phone getting wet.

Would i buy an Pixel 2? Yes. If i got the money and willingness to enter google ecosystem , i would go for it. There are some display issues with XL. But at bend gate and chip gate age, its fairly not the time to judge the display yet. It may be an isolated issue. Only time will tell.

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