Review : Hara Hara Mahadevaki

Well… lets get it straight. One line review. “Good”.


To be frank, i am not a movie freak. I dont watch a lot of movies. I dont have a huge taste in watching films. But i watch them when i am freaked out or when i am feeling down. (Which i feel a lot of times actually) I don’t have a creative eyes or have a sharp mind for watching every scenes sharply on the screen. I just watch them to pump me up.

To review now, This movie does not have a strong story line. Not all the characters are clearly well built. But it is a movie to watch when you feel that sometimes not everything has to be perfect but still is enjoyable to watch.

Not that much double meaning jokes. But still there are jokes that would make you laugh. Especially the last parts, even though they don’t have any meaning in them.

Coming out of the movie, i forgot all the things that was in my mind before in went in.


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