Evolution : The Rulers Of This World

World, the way we see it is from millions of years of evolution. From a simple microscopic organism to homo-sapiens who now rule the world. Humans are more matured in their own ways of life. Our intelligence is considered as far more superior than other species in our planet. From our intelligence, we are considered as the ultimate rulers of this world. But, question arises. Are humans the real rulers of the planet?

Humans as we know have made our lives much more easier through the use of our intelligence. Our machines are now capable of thinking themselves and soon it seems that we would be able to create a “digital” version of ourselves. Maybe simulate and see our real world in computers with “digital” version of ourselves. See how our life evolves. A “digital” Time Machine maybe? Ha.. yea.. it’s not possible. at least the “digital” time machine part.

Our brain is the child birth of thousands of years of evolution. Art of evolution as we know it, the changes that helps the organism to survive, passes through generations. This change year after year evolves. And as a result a new species with a significant change from the others gets created. Humans haven’t been long in this world, no significant evolution have happened. But the eradication of small-pox maybe considered as a “artificial” evolution of human beings, the way we adapted ourselves to protect from ourselves from the virus.

Stories long. Back to square one. Does our intelligence makes us the ultimate rulers of this world? Possibly. My thinking is that, “No” we are not the ultimate rulers of this planet. A Virus , a simple virus those incredible small creatures in our planet with the features of easily spreading from one person to another might be the end of the world for us we know.

Yes, we can develop medicines and vaccines. But are we sure of that ? AIDS, Dengue are some of the few diseases that we still doesn’t have a vaccine for. And flu of course. Yes, we have vaccines for that. But the virus have mutated numerous amounts of time and various strands of the virus have known to cause various types of flu.

The micro organisms maybe considered as the rulers of evolution, the beauty of the way the organisms evolves, adapts itself to the environment and the incredible speed that these organisms evolves.

So, atlast the question still remains. Are humans the real rulers of this planet?


-Arul Prakash Samathuvamani

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