The trip to Wayanad 

This is a late blog post.yes it is. But it’s time that I write about the trip to Wayanad.
The trip, which didn’t involve a single bit of planning from my side was the most needed one for me of course.just beach use of the reason that I needed the trip to remove some things off from my memory and what’s better place to forget all the things and have a clear mind that gods own country of course.

Kerala is known for its beautiful nature. The ghat range is known for its exotic beauty with its marvellous hills and exotic rivers that travel along it.

Wayanad , well water problem was clearly visible in the area. Most of the waterfalls and dams were closed as there was no water in them. Something that was a new sight to many of the locals in the region. Well the places which were open was gorgeous. My personal favourite, the kuruvadweep islands of course. Well it’s summer , no rains and most of the green gone. What I loved about the region as its waters. A place where you can have a peaceful natural bath of course. Something that was new to me as i was bought up in a town all those things was new to me.

Next thing that I specially loved about the trip was the bus travel, man the way the drivers drive through the hair pin bends !! The bus travel in the Wayanad region is something that needs to be experienced by many.
Food, biryani was less spicy than the one that I am used to. But from morning through night, the presence of fish was clearly visible. Something I loved.
Summing up the entire experience,
Exotic Kerala

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