“Every day I wake up, there is a sense of fear. If it would be my last day with you. In the eternal dusk, everything is cold and gray. Fighter planes are surrounded by mechanics hurriedly ripping off bullet-riddled fuselage panels and overworked aircraft engines.” says an air force pilot as he writes to his girlfriend back at home as an another attack starts, in the trance of battle, as aircraft bullets fires around him.

Back at home, “Every night I look at the sunset, and try to draw the last ounce of heat from its long day… ” a girl writes to his boyfriend, who went to fight a war far their country.

But a day, just as he was starting to take rest from his tired day, they hear the siren. Everybody runs to their planes to fight the enemy. But that day, his plane shot, depends faster, passing through the clouds and hits the broken fog over the water.

“He is down. No Chute” his squadron leader repeats over the radio.

It’s story of one of a hero who fights in the war to protect our country. Thousands die in war. Thousands of unsung heroes of our armies, naval and air forces.

What does the country get from it, respect? pride ? Religion ? Control over raw materials? Control over trade routes?

Each war occurs for different reasons. Wars don’t occur all of a sudden. There involves a great deal of correlation between the host of events before the war. Unlike earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions, war is a disaster created entirely by people, against people. It is never an accident: making war is always somebody’s decision. Nations spend vast amounts of money on training soldiers to fight and kill. They spend even more on devising and manufacturing weapons and machinery for fighting and killing.

Since no logical answers can be given for why we fight, it might be better to talk about why we should not fight.
human beings invented war, and human beings should make it obsolete.War, like a disease, can in time be eradicated; and that’s what we should be working to achieve.

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