Our Neighbours

“I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth.” -Stephen Hawking

Aliens, Extra terrestrial living beings scientifically, are the source of debate from the period of Egyptians. And that’s not a surprise, every question that we can’t find an answer to is subject to debate and its one of the greatest mysteries that is hard to solve. Maybe the hardest.

We have heard stories before. UFO crash in area 51, people abducted by aliens, crop circles to name some. Even in 21st century, people claim to have seen UFO’s , recently in Kolkata too. Many claim these sightings as fantasies but we can never dismiss any one of these claims. How much the government tries to give scientific explanations reasoning it. Human brain is a complex organ. It believes what it needs to believe.

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So, does aliens exist ? Of course yes they exist. They might be in form of microbes, or even exiting these claims might be true too !! Aliens even might have tried to contact us. The universe is infinite. Is earth the only planet with living beings ? Maybe. But in my perspective the chance of seeing another planet with living beings is more.

So, why can’t be UFO’s true ? Some sightings are true of course and we can’t find the reason to explain these sightings. Further more the Ministry of Defence of Russia has reported sighting Unidentified Flying Objects by its forces. “Manoeuvres that cannot be performed by a human craft” they say.

Let’s assume that aliens do exist. But what do they actually want from us ? They come here to make friend with us ? Or will human race be destroyed ?

It’s hard to make assumptions. But in our past history the powerful has always hunted the weak. We all know what happened to the Native Americans after Christopher Columbus set foot on America.  Or their elaborate knowledge may have taught them about the value of life in this universe. Either way i look forward to see them one day. One selfie maybe ?

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