Stories Of TN #DEC_TO_FEB

These three months have been a busy one for news channel. And the state has suffered some dramatic changes within a short span of time.

Here is my thoughts about the story of TN

It all started at the beginning of December. The month already quoted with bringing death of many past CM’s of TN.

J.Jayalalitha suffered a severe cardiac arrest and died on 5th December 2016. Starting from her hospitalization, still there are many questions in her death like “Was Jayalalitha Murdered ?” “What is the role of Sasikala (The Close Friend Of Jayalalitha) Murdered her ?”.

Previously there were incidents that led Jayalalitha to publicly issue statement that Sasikala and her family was plotting plans against her.

On the her funeral, the scenes could be seen filled by Sasikala family which still raises many questions.

With all these questions asked by the people , O.Panner Selvam, the trusted political associate of Jayalalitha took the role of Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu.

Then came the Vardah storm the one battled the Chennai city hard forced the media to turn the cameras away from Jayalalitha and towards Vardah .

It was quickly followed by “Jallikattu Protest” one of the biggest ‘ahimsa’ movement started by the Students and led by the youngsters and people of Tamil Nadu. As quoted by many movies these incidents has made the people to forget about jayalalitha’s murder.

Suddenly the so called “Chinnamma” or Sasikala is now elected by the MLA’s of AIADMK to become the next CM of Tamil Nadu.

I don’t understand ? The people never saw chinnama as their leader when they voted in the elections. The never thought that a person who is in cases involved in so many scandals would take up as CM. A person who has not even spoken in one public meeting of ADMK would become the next CM.

I voted in this election. And I personally hate to be under chinnama’s rule. And if many people ,the same people who voted in this election feels that Sasikala should not become CM what answer does this constitution has for them ?

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