Titanic : An IMAX Experience

It has been approx. 20 years since the film has been released. But still it looks fresh and charming in its manner.

IMAX is always known for its image quality. But I don’t expect more in Titanic as it’s a 20 year old film. But IMAX once again proved it’s class by its class image quality.

But after seeing the movie in mobile for a long time, seeing it in big screen was a different experience . Starting from the superb use of technology of its class and cinema technologies James Cameron ‘s brilliance and creativity can be seen in each and every scene.

Next comes the screen play. How the emotions is brought upto to the audience even if you have watched the movie a thousand times. Additional thanks to James Honer for his background score, leaves the audience mesmerized in the movie in each and every scene.

In simple words, as stated by Kogul ” One Of The Best IMAX Experience So Far”

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