Sylvester : Open Source Personal Assistant

Ever seen jarvis in real ? Sylvester is next-gen personal assistant running of the cloud personalised to each and every people.

I started working on this project a few weeks back and really now intuned in to the fact on how much the field of Machine Learning is advancing in the past few years.

Sylvester is supposed to understand and respond to your natural language taking into account of your reaction , emotions your local slang or to put it more simple in a more “human like” manner.

As stated by George Hotz, the way machine learning can advance is to understand on how the human brain works. As known human brain is a complex organ which works in a most mysterious ways that we know very little about. But when we think about it we could actually understand how we think. We learn from our experiences. We learn our words, our language our way of speech from the people around us in our childhood. Sylvester will be programmed in similar manner. It actually learns as it grows old.Taking into account of various knowledge about others as it grows.

This project may take number of years to complete. And i sure would love your guys support. This project will be share in the Visual Studio community with interested people. Making changes and advances in the code as we mature in this project.

Anybody interested in it can always mail me. My mail address is in the About page of course.


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