Spur Meet : A Good Failure

It has been some time since i have written a personal blog. Even i havent updated my tech blog @arul2810 since i have went back to college. A lot of things happened during that course of time. Somethings good and many things bad. Its hard to categorise though.

But after some lot of hurdles spur was finally able to conduct a TED inspired meet on January 2017.

First of all i had to thank all the volunteers who came forward in organising the event. And special thanks to the speakers, Padmavathy.D,Feroz Khan and Meera.S for making this event possible and to all that sponsors. (I hope that cheque has passed akilan 😉 ) .

It has been a tough time finding a hotel that was decent in looking but also coszt less. The balancing act didn’t go so well though. If in any case the cost was less the room was bad and reverse. Finally me and EBR could find a hotel that matched our needs ,Buhari and Daalchini. But the slot was not available when we approached Buhari and we had no choice but to choose Daalchini. I dont regret it,but to be frank Buhari was much more of a better choice.

The thing where we failed is the poor choice of marketing. Spur has never been strong at marketing side of things. And me and my fellow folks being a non people kind of persons, the marketing was hit huge After loss of Susil from Spur’s team, the hit in marketing was expected. But the marketing wasn’t in the way we planned. But however we were able to hit our target at the nick of time making some sacrifices during that time . A lot of calls had to be made to reduce the price of tickets from 200 to 100 per head. But all was done.

We should have checked the audio systems in advance and the projector was a flop too in the last minute, but thanks to Melvin we made sure that didnt make a huge hit,even though we lost plenty of precious time during that transaction. But all is well. The event was good. Thanks to the quality of content by the Speakers.

But as of all events, plenty has to be learned from this meet. Mostly in the marketing side of things. But we are not gone soon. We are planning another meet probably in the month of March if possible. Hope everyone would be interested in that. And the videos of the meet would be uploaded as soon as internet gets stable and we would be able to upload a uncompressed version in the YouTube page.

And i hope that i would be able to update my tech blog soon.


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