Google : Ad Brilliance

Google’s advertisement algorithm is one of the world’s best with targeted ad audience,the highest ad earning company in the world.

Google collects data from users information such as search history, site history , videos you watch ,mails you receive, the persons you chat with and even what you chat with them. When you are chatting with a person about going to a movie that night or go to a restaurant, it combines that data with your device location information to target you with ads about book my show or restaurants around you nearby.

This is one of the highest ad earning method combined with Google’s Adsense network google links it with millions of websites delivering ad at about 99% of the websites you visit(Mine being an exception here. i havent montized this site yet 😛 )

Now google also combines a much more powerful method of ad targeting. It understands the way you use your accounts. For instance i have my account signed in at two places. My home PC which my parents use and my personal smartphone and Mac. Each time i use my mac or smartphone it targets me with ads on topics which i speak on my smartphone or the things i search on my mac. on converse my Home PC gets targeted with ads my Parents search in that PC. Google understands a account can be used by multiple persons,and it can understand who uses which PC. The thing which suprised me was the fact after a minute of browsing in my home PC,it found out i was using it and changed the ads accordingly. And when my mother was using it, it showed the ads relavent to her. I was suprised how powerful the algorithm was, identifying me within a minute.

Now it leads me to a question. Am i giving my personal information,my personal life to Google? Its true i cant live without google, but is it the price i have to pay ?

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