Tesla Model S

Cars have never been my passion so far. Nothing excites me so much as technology does. But recently a car changed it all. Passion for a company after Apple. The Tesla Motor’s Model S.

One fine early morning as usual when browsing through youtube, MKBHD published his video about Tesla Model S Impressions. It changed all. Its not just a car. Its a piece of technology,that is technology of the future.

Each Time one company turns up which stands out from the crowd because of the reason ” It changes the way we see the world around us” – Innovation.

I was fascinated on seeing the self driving car on the movie “i Robot” , Its now a reality. Not only the car looks sexy its a class.

With its fully autonomous self driving mechanism, supreme aero dynamics, even the door handle excites me from the bottom.

Its zero-emission electric drive motors with 500kms efficiency in a single charge. Along with supercharger network(charging stations across US built by Tesla Motors) which literally means that you are driving a vehicle just for free.

Waiting eagerly for Tesla model 3 to be released in India.As promised Elon Musk has truly given a change.


Back note: The car is funny one with its both front and back bonnet. 😛

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