Trip Abroad – Impacts In Life

Past few months have been really influential in my life. Learning a lot about life and embracing it on the journey.

A recent trip to Singapore has really had some impacts in my characteristics, how i behave and interact with my surroundings. I really liked the politeness and way people interact with surroundings in Singapore. Almost 90% of the people i met are polite,helpful by nature. The way the behave with strangers a person from abroad changed the way i behave.

Secondly, i liked the fact how people in the city contributed to keep it clean. Picking up waste from ground and throwing them at dust bins, how many of us do that ? There is a huge contribution of the public in keeping the city clean. There are dust bins outside almost all shops and sometimes even houses. Lack of number of dust bins is one of the reason why people throw garbage around in our country and keeping dust bin outside every shops looks like a better idea doesnt it ?

Who does or not, if we do our part in keeping the city clean, little by little one day the whole country will take part in it.

This trip really did have some changes which i consider major in my character.

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