Indian Railways “Untold Story”

Cholan Express was scheduled you depart from Chennai Egmore at 7:30 am on 1st October.  On A new time table started that day . The train usually departs from 8:00 am from chennai Egmore.

Most of the passengers weren’t aware of the change. I came to know of the time table change only through the sms I received the previous night. As a result most of the passengers didn’t turn up for the train.

The railway officials came to know of the issue as there wasn’t the usual sale of unreserved tickets for the train. If Indian railways has been a private company one would expect the train to depart on time. It’s reasonable thing as the train is not delayed and it also reduces the losses for the train.

But the officials decided to run the train on older time table. One that clashed with other trains. A bold decision. Not only it helped some passengers, Indian railways also effectively managed the clogged traffic due to delay of the train.

As a public sector company Indian railways ran for people not for money.

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