Where Is AI Taking Us?

AI technology has been improving day by day. Top minds of the world has been trying to replicate ‘free will’ the unique ability of humans to think and take decisions in apt time. Can machines replicate them ? Only time can know.

But as technology improves, it makes life of ‘some’ humans more easier and comfortable. But for many it makes life more harder in some cases miserable. Soon self driving cars will make driving easier. But it also eliminates a category of job – “DRIVERS”. In countries like india where unemployment is already a huge problem, AI threatens the life of people even more further.

But AI also posses some big problems too. Even seen the movie “The Terminator” ? Even though it is a sci-fic movie, its not impossible to happen.

What is AI try to break the three laws of robotics? “Free Will ” Minds similar to humans are designed to break rules arent they?

Poor programming can lead to Machine Wars too in some cases as many sci-fic movies has shown us. Its only time that can tell our true future .

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